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Information about our volunteer positions.

SETUP (Home Meets - offered if needed)

For home meets, the Setup volunteer will help prepare the pool area the morning of the meet during the swimmers meet-prep practice.  Home meet setup includes setting up tents and tarps, setting up ready bench chairs behind the blocks, roping off the pool deck, moving tables and chairs, etc. This position requires heavy lifting.



For away meets, this volunteer will transport all team equipment to the host team's pool, set up the equipment prior to the start of the meet (tents, tarps, water coolers, etc.), help take down equipment at the end of the meet and transport all equipment back to our pool. This position requires heavy lifting, access to a truck, and will be filled prior to registration.


CHECK-IN (Home & Away Meets)

It helps to know who has made it to the meet (swimmers and volunteers) to make sure that relay teams are ready and volunteers are at their posts when the meet starts. The Check-In volunteer arrives shortly before check-in time, and stays until right before the start of the meet to check-in swimmers and volunteers, hand out name tags to volunteers, and help volunteers understand where they need to be and what time they need to be there. This position requires a dependable volunteer who is familiar with the Dragon Families, and will be filled prior to registration.



The Event Announcer volunteer keeps spectators and swimmers informed of the progress of the meet by announcing each heat. They make other announcements as necessary and periodically announce the score. The announcer must pay close attention to the Starter and the progress of the meet so as not to confuse the swimmers or the parents. This job is for someone who is confident with public speaking, and will be filled prior to registration.


EVENT BOARD (Home Meets)

If you ever wanted Vanna White’s job, then this position is for you. This is a good job for parents with kids who will stay in one place or for those with younger swimmers (they always know where to find you). The Event Board volunteer listens to the announcer and as the first heat of each event is announced, turns the event numbers on the event board to match the announcer.


READY BENCH (Home & Away Meets)

The Ready Bench volunteer is at the starting blocks making sure the swimmers are lined up and ready for their races. They make sure the swimmers in their lane are lined up in the correct event and heat order, and make sure each swimmer steps up to the blocks for their event. Heat sheets are provided so these volunteers know the order of swimmers for each lane, event and heat.  Swimmers can be distracted easily (especially the young ones), so it is important for the Ready Bench volunteers to make sure the swimmers actually step up to the blocks when it is their turn to race. The Ready Bench and Dragon Keeper volunteers positions both require an understanding of heat sheets and how swimmers are lined up for races. Please click here to review our "Dragon Keeper Information - Ready Bench Tips".


DRAGON MASTER (Home & Away Meets)

The Dragon Master volunteer makes sure all Dragon Keepers are where they need to be at the start of each half of the meet, help the new Dragon Keepers understand how and when to line swimmers up and move them to the blocks, and make sure the swimmers are being lined up and taken to the blocks in time for their events.  This position requires a seasoned Dragon Keeper who is calm under pressure, and will be filled prior to registration.



The Pre-Meet Dragon Keeper & Ready Bench Relay volunteers serve 2 functions.  1) They are in position and ready to supervise at the Deerfield swimmer tents shortly before our swimmers begin to check-in. They make sure the swimmers are prepared when they arrive (cap, goggles and sharpie grid on their arm/leg). If swimmers are not prepared, these volunteers direct the swimmers them back to their parents for help. 2) These volunteers stay at the swimmer tents until the swimmers for legs 2 and 4 of the freestyle relays are lined up and ready to head to the blocks.  These volunteers walk the swimmers to the opposite end of the blocks and serve as the ready bench relay volunteer until the 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 freestyle relays have completed.


DRAGON KEEPER (Home & Away Meets)

The Dragon Keeper volunteers supervise children in the following age groups: 6 & under, 7-8, 9-10, and 11 & Up during meets. They escort children to the restroom (6 & under) and ensure that children in their age group make it to the blocks in time for their individual and relay events. The Dragon Keepers should try and keep the swimmers in their respective age group areas and not walking around at the meet. It will make finding and organizing the swimmers much easier.  For more detailed information on what Dragon Keeping is all about, please click here to review our "Dragon Keeper - Ready Bench Tips".


STROKE & TURN JUDGE (Home & Away Meets)

The Stroke and Turn Judge volunteers determine whether the technical aspects of the swimmers strokes are legal. It requires knowledge of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers from both teams when appropriate. The positions require attendance of a training session provided by Lone Star Summer Swim League, and will be filled prior to registration. Special attire is required for this position (navy blue shorts with a white collared polo shirt). If you are interested, please contact the volunteer coordinator for more information.



The Scoring Runner volunteer is responsible for retrieving lane sheets from the timers (as the timers complete each lane sheet) and DQ slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges. The scoring runner then puts the timer sheets in order by lane and delivers both to the scorekeeper located in the office.  Each timer sheet has 2 events listed.



The Scorekeeper / Ribbons volunteers work in conjunction with volunteers from the opposing team to peel and stick labels on the back of the place ribbons, sort ribbons for distribution, and periodically post meet results.


HEAD TIMER (Home & Away Meets)

Our Head Timer Karen McCloskey (Coach Patrick's Mom) is our most seasoned timer on the Dragon's team.  During the meets she will assign timing lanes, hand out the stopwatches, ensure understanding of how to time and record swimmer times, and serve as a backup timer. She will start two or more watches for every heat in the event a start is missed by a timer or a stopwatch fails.


LANE TIMER (Home & Away Meets)

This job is essential to running a swim meet, but is not difficult. If you like to be close to the action, this is the job for you. There are THREE timers per lane (Recorder/Timer, Ribbon/Timer, Picker Timer). In Dual meets there will be timers from both teams in each lane. When the Meet Official sounds the starting tone the Lane Timers start their stopwatches. When the swimmer touches the end wall, the timers in that lane stop their watches. All three volunteers will time the race, but each will have an additional responsibilities.  If you are a returning timer or new to timing, please click here to review the "Timer Responsibilities".  It is an excellent source of information and we hope it will help you understand the ins and outs of timing.  You will be right at the edge of the pool so please make sure to wear shorts/shoes that you don't mind getting wet!



The Lane Timer / Scoring Runner Backup volunteer is a backup for the lane timers in the event a timing volunteer is not present, needs a restroom break, or must leave due to an emergency. This volunteer also assists the scoring runner in collecting/distributing the timer sheets and DQ slips.  Please review the Lane Timer and Scoring Runner volunteer descriptions above for more information on each position.



The time trials are held before the first meet and will help the coaching staff place swimmers into the appropriate heats/relays based on the swimmers times. This position is the same as the regular Lane Timer position (please see Lane Timer volunteer information above) except that there will be only 2 timers per lane and no heat ribbons will be presented.



The Concessions Buyer volunteer will assist the Concessions Manager in the purchasing and preparation of concessions items prior to meet day.  This position will be filled prior to registration.



The Concessions Setup volunteer will assist the Concessions Manager with concession stand setup (prior to each meet) and preparation of concessions items.



The Concessions Assistant volunteers assist the Concessions Manager with the preparation and sale of food before and during the meet. This position includes setup, serving food and cleaning up. No experience is necessary. The concession stand gets very busy, and we prefer to have the adults who signed up volunteering (no teenagers please). It is known as one of the more fun and easy jobs…you get to enjoy the shade and the gentle breeze of the ceiling fans under the porch.



The Concessions Runner volunteer will be assisting the Concessions Manager by running to purchase ice, water, etc. during the meet as necessary.



The Grill Master volunteer gets the grill started before the meet and grills food for the concession stand as needed throughout the meet. This position will be filled prior to registration.



The Grill Assistant volunteer assists the grill master as needed throughout the meet.


BREAK DOWN / CLEAN UP (Home & Away Meets)

After the meet concludes, the Breakdown / Cleanup volunteer assists the team management and coaches to make sure all equipment is taken down and put away and the pool area is cleaned. Some heavy lifting is required for this position.


FLOATER (Home & Away Meets - offered if needed)

The Floater volunteer will be asked to fill in wherever volunteers are needed prior to the start of the meet. This volunteer must be flexible and willing to step into any one of the volunteer positions. Note:  Floaters will automatically be moved into any unfilled positions after the close of registration.



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