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Would you like to receive texts for urgent updates?

We will be using the Text Messaging function of our team website to communicate urgent and time-sensitive information to our families, such as last minute practice cancellations due to inclement weather. 

Before this can happen however, we need families to log in and make sure their cell phone numbers are correct (and in the correct format) and update their profile for texting. 

The text messages sent via the system are only one-way communications as they are sent in bulk and cannot receive reply messages.

If you currently have a texting plan with your cell phone service provider and would like to be notified by text, below are the steps you need to take. Two cell phone numbers can be added to receive text messages for each family.


To add cell number(s) for texting messages please follow the steps below:

1. Log into the Dragons website ( using your email and the password provided to you.

2. Go to the “Parent Page” (lower left navigation “Welcome” menu item) and then click the green “Update Profile” box.

3. You will see boxes for “Phone Numbers”. Add or update the Parent 1 and Parent 2 Cell boxes (format: 555-555-1212). Click the “Text” check box next to each cell phone where you would like to receive texts.

4. Click the “Save” button on the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

After you follow the steps above, you will be added to the list to receive text messages from the team.

*Regardless of whether you choose to be notified via Text, all urgent and time-sensitive information will also be sent via email and posted on the website.


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