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Championship Meet Info and RSVP 2017

The last meet of the summer league season will be a little different this year. The Josh Davis Natatorium is under construction this summer, so provisions had to be made for the Division A Champs meet. Deerfield and Hidden Forest will compete against each other at Hidden Forest for Champs. Encino Park and Hollywood Park will compete at Hollywood Park for Champs. After each of those meets, points will be added up to determine who the winner is. Swimmers attending the championship meet are chosen by the coaches based on a number of factors including swimmer's availability, entry restrictions, swimmer’s times, sportsmanship, practice attendance, and work ethic.

RSVP for the Champs Meet: We will have everyone RSVP for the meet. This does not mean that your child will be chosen to go to the Champs Meet. The coaches need to know who will be available to swim at the meet. Please let us know by, Friday, June 16! 



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